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Membership Dues and Donations

Donations are always welcome and appreciated!

Our ability to promote local business, commerce and attract visitors and new residents depends on the funding from membership dues. We appreciate your participation so we can continue to provide you the excellent local representation you have come to expect!

We recognize our members and business professionals don’t have time to write and mail checks. We have simplified the process of paying annual dues for our members and we invite you to use our easy online payment system.

Your Membership Matters!

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You can submit your membership by either filling out a form ONLINE or you can DOWNLOAD a copy to print & submit to the chamber. 

Membership Forms
Membership Rates


  • Business Name

  • Contact Number or e-Mail Address

Basic Membership


  • Hyperlink to your website or Facebook page (visitors can click to your site)

  • Representation at the visitor center (personnel & written materials)

  • Includes Instagram

  • Training, education as available

  • Chamber sponsored events

    • Winterfest (Jan-Feb)​

      • Chamber Chill

      • Snow Sculptures

    • Summer:

      • July 4th Celebration​

    • Fall

      • Tamarack BrewFest​

  • A La Carte: $5 for each business event posted on monthly calendar or Facebook

Premium Membership


  • Basic Membership PLUS

  • Your company logo advertised/displayed with hyperlink to connect to your website or Facebook page

  • 3 event calendar postings (per year at no additional cost unless >3 $5 each)

  • 3 event Facebook postings (per year at no additional cost unless >3 $5 each)

  • 6 total postings before additional charges

  • A La Carte: $50 for the season to display an 8x10 brochure on our visitor center display wall (limited space).

Non-Profit Membership


  • Same as basic membership

Non-Profit Premium Membership


  • Same as premium



  • Same benefits of the
    Premium Membership

Special Offer
for New


  • For the first 3 years:
    All the benefits of the Premium Membership for only $150

  • After 3 years, price increases to $275 or $300

and Online


  • Same benefits of the Premium Membership

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Membership Form
Membership Form
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